Family portrait – Femme Fierce 2015

thieu mo ff2015Photo by GraffitiWallsLondon

Stencil workshop – Photo by Inspiring citySI_20150307_170635
Final mural workshop done by my very talented students

Inverview at BBC World with Ayaan and Dee Sebastian

reference photograph, retouched

IMG_20150228_112320IMG_20150228_11172811043127_10153159083736499_2350351506753228480_o11018128_10152634785391583_2557626516653612525_nThieu_WA_2616 GGwomen'sDay_01

Photo Gaydargirls Seluworld @ SiestaProductions    

10982110_10152632686521583_4582784879630450142_o With my mom’s 1st piece (left) and Amara Por Dios (right)


Interview on London Street Art Design magazine:

Interview on Gaydargirls:

Inspiring City:

Youtube wander through the tunnel:


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